😍Here we are with a new article concerning TestCaseLab functionality. Please, take a look :)

Today I would like to share with you more information about tagging system, implemented in TestCaseLab.

📌They say, that tags exist for grouping items according to specific content they refer to. Tags are also called keywords and are usually used for bookmarking. Tags help users to categorize content depending on various characteristics.


TestCaseLab allows you to create tags for Test Cases within the project. It is very convenient to create a new tag, by just inserting it into the Tag field and pressing Enter. As soon as this tag is generated, you are welcome to assign it to other Test Cases of this project.

💡Tagging has been implemented to provide an opportunity to filter the Test Cases list by a specific tag or group of tags. This simplifies the process of working with a large number of Test Cases inside the application.


If you need to edit the Test Case Tag’s name, please contact your Project Administrator. He can easily change the title of each tag and get the filtered list of tagged Test Cases within the Project Settings.


🗑️Also, tags can be deleted from the Project Settings by your Project Administrator. As soon as the tag is deleted from the list, it is automatically removed from Test Cases.


👍We do our best to make TestCaseLab suitable for your QA workflow. Please ensure that you are aware of all the features of the application.