Test execution is the primary process of the Quality Assurance phase in SDLC 🕒. QA engineers pass sets of tests collected in the test plan to ensure that the product functions correctly and that there are no issues while using it ✅.

🛠 To streamline the process of running tests, TestCaseLab provides users with the opportunity to set statuses for each Test Case on execution. The Not Tested status applies for all the items added to the current Test Run by default. This means that Test Run hasn't been started yet. Once at least one Test Case receives a different status from the list, the Test Run will be automatically placed in the 'In Progress' category 📈.

Highly detailed statistics allow users to see the changes made in the Test Run on a progress bar. Each color indicates a particular state: 

🟢 Green - the successful completion of the Test Case execution.

🔴 Red - the test failure.

🟡 Yellow - Test Case blockage and should be retested later.

🔍The progress bar is always up to date and provides detailed information on the number of Test Cases of each status. It shows their percentage. For your convenience, click any color to filter the Test Cases list in the Test Run.

When a Test Case is assigned a Failed status, TestCaseLab will display a Bug button. Clicking on it opens a modal window. It includes all the necessary fields to report a bug in a task management tool integrated with TestCaseLab.

The link to the generated ticket will be linked to your test results data and will always be available in the relevant Test Run reports.

❓Are there any questions left?

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