🥰Today we would love to talk about TestCaseLab and its Test Cases functionality. If you are our favorite customer, you should already know, that you can easily create a Test Case inside your Project and fill it with any information you need. Each Test Case is a small masterpiece of a QA, which includes all tiny details and guides you down the path of bug reproducing, like a white rabbit through Wonderland.

💎In order to make the process of creating your Test Case more convenient and complete, we have created one cool feature, which allows you to customize your Test Case depending on Project specifics. I am talking about custom Test Case Fields, which can be created within each Project.


👨‍💻We provide two types of custom fields. They are: text inputs and selects. Options for the select are filled in at the moment of creating the field and can be edited at any time.


In order to create any specific field, your Company Administrator needs to go to the Project Settings and to delve into the Test Case Fields page. This page contains the list of all custom fields existing in the project.


Each field can be configured to be viewable and editable in specific places. For example, we want to make some specific notes during the Test Run in each Test Case, but we definitely do not need these notes in the general Test Cases list. Your Company Administrator simply needs to choose, where to display these fields by marking checkboxes.


As soon as the field is created, it can be easily found in already existing Test Cases in the Project. Project Members are able to interact with them and add the necessary information. All new Test Cases will include these fields by default too.


👌This feature is really very convenient, if you need to pay attention of yourself and your teammates to every important point. You may easily set “version” field, in order to manage Test Cases depending on the version they belong to. Also you can add references, milestones and whatever you want. Please, agree, that it is great to keep information in the field, specially prepared for this.


🤗Please ask your CompanyAdmin to necessarily set Test Case Fields up in the Project Settings.