🧑‍💻Users Management, 🔐 Permission Access, and #️⃣ Tagging features within using the TestCaseLab platform. Right here below👇🏼

According to the fact that QAs are an inalienable part of the development team, general access to all the working processes is a necessity.

Project Manager, Product Owner, Designer, developer teams, and QAs are involved in the workflow at different stages of the project development life cycle.

🤝 Only communication and mutual understanding improve and simplify the workflow. Each team player should be aware of what is going on. That’s why in TestCaseLab there is a possibility to invite your teammates to the Company Account.

🧑‍💻 To add a new member, follow these steps:

◾️ Ask your Company Administrator to go to Project Settings and send an invitation to your colleague using his email address.

◾️ As soon as your teammate gets an invitation, he may use the link in order to get to the workspace.

*Note: The teammate will be asked to set a password if he is a new user. If he has an account in TestCaseLab already, he will get access to the Project immediately.

🔐 Also, it is easy to change a user’s permissions if you set him as a Project Viewer, Project Member, or Project Administrator.

For example, Stakeholder usually receives the role of Project Viewer in order to ensure that he is allowed to access all the required data, like reports, but cannot interact with test cases himself. Project Manager is usually set as Project Administrator in order to manage all the tasks within the project.

#️⃣ During the Test Runs passing, it is possible to tag your colleagues. You may do that in the Test Case Result comment. Just start with @ sign, and you will see the list of teammates within the project. As soon as the user is tagged, he will receive a respective email so that he can pay attention to the comment.

In addition, users can be blocked or deleted from the Company Account if they do not work on your project anymore.