💡Today we would like to share with you more detailed information about the reporting system that we provide to clients for comfortable use. Report reviews provide workflow transparency to stakeholders and within the team. This feature allows you to analyze metrics and results.


In order to get a detailed report online, you need to select a Test Run, which is a point of interest 🔍. After that, you need to delve into the inner page and find the “Report” button. Clicking on it will redirect you to a quickly generated report. It is divided into three sections. Each of them is worth your attention, depending on what data you need to obtain.


🧐The first section is called “General Report”. It contains general information about the respective Test Run with a colorful pie chart. This chart provides the statistics of Passed, Blocked, and Failed Test Cases during the Test Run. It is very convenient to see the progress, provided by each user, who interacts with the Test Run. You are welcome to track the activity of every team member and improve processes. At the bottom, you can find the list of Test Cases, which can be accessed directly from the Report.


✌️The second section “Failed Test Cases and Defects” shows us all the stoppers, which may cause the bottlenecks in workflows. If you have an integration of your TestCaseLab Company Account with any of the management tools, you will receive a list of Defects created via TestCaseLab during the Test Run.


🤓The third section allows you to compare Test Runs, completed by your team within the project. It is very useful, if you want to evaluate the performance of the development team. Product update becomes clear and transparent, because all of the stoppers and recurring defects are visible.


Also, you are welcome to download the report in CSV and PDF formats.


🙌If you want to share the report with your stakeholders, simply use the “Share Report” button and you will get an independent report page, unlinked to your account.