🤩Hopefully, you are doing great and are ready for a new part of the TestCaseLab functionality review.

TestCaseLab is a tool that allows you to manage your Test Cases database 📝. Let’s consider the process of maintaining the Test Cases database 🤗.

We advise you to use the Import function to collect all Test Cases in your favorite management tool.

🧑‍💻It is convenient for QA Engineers, which have tons of Test Cases waiting to be added to TCLab. To prepare your Test Cases database, we recommend you download a sample CSV file. It can be found on the Import page in the Project Settings.

The sample CSV file is intended to save you time and provide the structure into which your data should fit. After you organize all your test cases, you can upload the file to the TestCaseLab system the same way. Not depending on the size of the database, the loading process of test cases will take less than a few minutes ⏳.

Once they are in your Project, your team can start working on them by editing, copying, assigning test cases to teammates, and passing test runs 😎.

🤓There is one more critical point that you should pay attention to before uploading your Test Cases database to the TCLab system. 👉🏼

You can add as many Test Cases to your Company Account as your Subscription plan allows.

👨‍💼Contact your Company Administrator to manage the number of available test cases. If your file is too large, the uploading won’t be successful. That is why you need to ensure that redundant test cases are removed from your Company Account and that the test case limit is not exceeded by the file you are about to upload.

Enjoy using TestCaseLab 🤝.