🤩We would like to share some interesting information about TestCaseLab, which might be missed by the majority of customers.


It is very important to make a product convenient to use and bring joy to customers. That’s why we have thought about beneficial functionality 🤗.


On the base on our own experience, we have found out, that It is ALWAYS annoying for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords in order to access the various websites and applications they use for both personal and business purposes. Single sign-on (SSO) removes the need to keep in mind hundreds of usernames and passwords by allowing users to access multiple resources using a single set of credentials. To make a long story short, SSO is performed when a user logs in to one application and then automatically signs in to other applications, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain the user is using. He has to log in only once. That's why this feature is called "Single Sign-on".


🛠️There is a long list of advantages of using SSO in your working environment:


✔️SSO is considered a feature that brings security to your life. There are enough reasons for this opinion.


At first, a user is up to use way stronger passwords. A strong password must be difficult to repeat and random enough so that hackers can’t attack your confidential data successfully. There will be no problems with password recovery too, if you have forgotten your strong password. It is so, because SSO reduces the time taken by internal commands. You do not need to spend time recovering or resetting passwords for dozens of applications, and log in to them after it. This can improve business productivity.

In addition, it is a great opportunity to avoid situations with repeating passwords in different services. Using the same password everywhere increases security risk. It is explained by the reason, that all services used by the user are only as secure as the service with the weakest password protection. If this service's password database is attacked, hackers can use the password to get to other services of the user as well.


✔️SSO helps to reduce the effort to enforce the Password policy of every company. Administrators can force a credential reentry after a certain period of time to ensure that the same user is still active on the signed-in device. With Single sign-on, the user can do this immediately for all internal applications.


✔️It is important to mention, that SSO allows you to activate MFA at one point instead of having to activate it for dozens of services, which can be difficult to implement.


That is why, we would like to offer SSO set-up to you. It will positively influence the working process of your team, by avoiding the daily routine with extra password inserting and logging-in processes. Please contact us via email support@testcaselab.com to get more details 📧.